3D Printer for Architecture

3D Printer for Architecture
3D Printer for Architecture2018-07-25T14:22:29-08:00

3D Printer for Architecture

The unprecedented speed, ease and affordability of Rize One’s near zero-post-processing 3D printing, from file to 3D printed part, means you’ll be able to use it on all your projects.

Architects have been handcrafting building models for years. But handcrafted models take weeks, cost thousands of dollars and aren’t very accurate. Traditionally, 3D printers have either been too complicated to use, emit substances too harmful and messy for the office or can’t produce the necessary detail.

With the Rize One 3D printer, you can enhance understanding of your design intent, reduce costly errors and gain client approvals faster by easily and affordably creating massing and detailed design and presentation models for your clients, planning boards and other stakeholders simultaneously, in just hours instead of days or weeks. And, since Rize One is the only 3D printer that virtually eliminates tedious and messy post-processing to separate 3D printed models from their supports and emits no harmful particles, you can do so safely in your office, without any special facility or disposal requirements.

Developed by the founder of Revit and creator of the first 3D CAD software, Rize One’s proprietary software automatically detects and makes 3D printable any problems in the file, making it easy for you to 3D print files you created in the software programs you use the most.

Rize One, the world’s first hybrid 3D printer, is a breakthrough printer, combining two discrete technologies, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and Piezo Jetting. This is enabling companies to sustainably deliver a vast range of custom and replacement manufacturing parts with the highest isotropic strength. The breakthrough is made possible through Rize’s patented technology called Augmented Polymer Deposition (APO), which enables inclusive multi-material printing with minimal post processing and the sustainable use of safe, non-toxic and recyclable materials. Intelligent products increasingly require parts with variable materials, which include mechanical, electrical and chemical properties. Rize’s inclusive APO process fuses them into unified parts, enabling innovators to deliver unprecedented customer experiences.


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