Covered Type and Pipe Profile Fiber Laser

Covered Type and Pipe Profile Fiber Laser
Covered Type and Pipe Profile Fiber Laser2024-05-14T16:27:15-08:00

Covered Type and Pipe Profile Fiber Laser

Product Highlights

The FLC-P series represents a fusion of speed, sensitivity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in fiber laser cutting machines, tailored for both sheet metal and pipe/profile cutting. With its high efficiency and adherence to top-tier standards, it’s an optimal choice for various industries including agriculture, textile, food machinery, construction, and manufacturing of large-scale machinery and equipment.

This versatile machine can accommodate laser power of up to 20,000 W, making it ideal for cutting thick plates. It eliminates the need for separate machines by seamlessly handling both sheet metal and pipe profiles, thus saving valuable space with its compact structure.

Featuring a standard 6-meter pipe/profile cutting length, extendable to 9 meters if required, and capable of accommodating pipe diameters up to 350 mm, it offers exceptional flexibility. The chucks can be clamped and auto-centered with the press of a button, ensuring effortless operation.

Equipped with a wireless remote control, it provides easy access to functions such as blowing, cutting, pause, calibration simulation, etc. Its standard nesting software swiftly prepares parts for cutting without requiring constant operator supervision, alongside a flycut cutting feature for enhanced efficiency.

With a double exchange table design, continuous cutting is possible without delays. Manufactured in compliance with European standards and holding CE certification, it ensures reliability and safety.

The FLC-P series boasts a nozzle cleaning system and a double camera setup for enhanced performance. Customers can choose from cutting area options of 1.5×3 m, 2×4 m, or 2×6 m to suit their needs.

Featuring auto-focus, Active Anti-collision Function, and an auto-view feature that detects obstacles and adjusts automatically, the laser head ensures precision cutting. Automatic cooling of cutting heads further enhances performance.

Constructed with bridges made of aluminum alloy sheet-plate welding, ensuring a single-piece, rigid structure, it prevents deformation due to impact, overlap, or strain. This lightweight construction enables high speeds and accelerations at lower engine powers compared to steel profile bridges.

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Working Area 1500 x 3000 mm 2000 x 4000 mm
Loading Capacity 1200 kg 1200 kg
X-Y Axis Travel 1520 x 3030 mm 2020 x 4050 mm
Z Axis Travel 300 mm 350 mm
X-Y-Z Axis Guideway 4 Point Ball Caged 4 Point Ball Caged
X-Y Axis Drive System Rack Rack
Z Axis Drive System Ballscrew Ballscrew
X-Y Axis Speed 100 m/min 100 m/min
Z Axis Speed 30 m/min 30 m/min
X-Y Position Accuracy 0,05 mm 0,05 mm
X-Y Repeatability Accuracy 0,03 mm 0,03 mm
Table Change Time 10 sec 10 sec
Laser Source Raycus / Han’s / JPT Raycus / Han’s / JPT
Laser Source Output Power 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 / 20 kW 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 / 20 kW
CNC Control System Fscut Fscut
Laser Cutting Head Raytools / BOCI / WSX Raytools / BOCI / WSX
Assist Gasses Air/Oxygen/Nitrogen Air/Oxygen/Nitrogen
Cooling Type Water Cooling Water Cooling
Machine Weight 12000 kg 11500 kg
Machine Dimensions (WxLxH) 4400 x 10000 x 2120 mm 4400 x 10000 x 2120 mm
Graphic Format dwg / dxf / stp dwg / dxf / stp
Voltage 380 / 50 Hz 380 / 50 Hz
Certifications CE / ISO CE / ISO
Warranty 2 Years

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