Combination Horizontal and Vertical Machining Center

Combination Horizontal and Vertical Machining Center
Combination Horizontal and Vertical Machining Center2019-03-27T15:29:53-08:00

Combination Spindle KHV Series

Product Highlights

Kent CNC has introduced the New Kent CNC KHV-400 Combination Horizontal/Vertical Machining Center with the industry standard 0i-MD control by FANUC. Kent CNC sets a new industry standard with their latest combination dual spindle machining center, model KHV-400.  By combining a horizontal machining center with a vertical machining center, this cutting-edge versatile machining center allows for faster setups and parts loading and unloading, improved accuracy, floor space maximization, and capital investment reduction.

Two Spindles are Better than One

It includes a powerful 10 HP (Horizontal)/15 HP (Vertical), 10,000 RPM (Opt. 12,000) spindle with Direct Drive Spindle Motor as standard. Both the horizontal and vertical travels are 19.7” X-axis by 19.7” Y-axis by 17.8” Z-axis with fast two-set 24-tool ATC. In addition, the rapid traverse for each axis is 36m/min that is upgradeable to up to 48m/min. The rotary table is equipped with an optical scale.

This Meehanite certified machine allows for five-sided machining in one setup for fast production and accuracy all in a compact floor space of 82” x 114”.

X Axis Travel (H/V)       19.7″
Y Axis Travel (H/V)       19.7″
Z Axis Travel (H/V)       17.8″
Vertical Spindle Center to Column 25.7″
Vertical Spindle Nose to Table Top 4.9″ – 22.64″
Horizontal Spindle Nose to Table Center 4.9″ – 24.6″
Horizontal Spindle Center to Table Top 2.95″ – 22.64″
Table Top Dimension 15.7″ x 15.7″

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